25 May 2015

Book Review: Confessions Of A Once Fashionable Mum by Georgia Madden

If the book has confessions and fashionable in the title, you can bet that I'll be buying and reading it.

I had this book sitting in my kindle for a few weeks before I got to it and it's safe to say that I managed to read it in 3 days flat.

Here is a little bit about the book:
Successful hubbie? Tick. Facebook-worthy baby? Tick. Bikini-body six weeks after giving birth? Um . . . not so much.
Fashion PR exec Ally Bloom got her happy ending. Okay, her marriage might be showing the odd crack, her battleaxe mother-in-law might have come to stay, and she might not be the yummy mummy she'd imagined, but it's nothing a decent night's sleep and a firm commitment to a no-carb diet won't fix.
But when Ally returns to work and finds she'll be reporting to a 22-year-old airhead, she decides to turn her back on life as a professional fashionista and embrace her inner earth mama instead. So it's out with the Louboutins and champagne and in with the sensible flats and coffee mornings with the Mummy Mafia.
From attending her first grown-up dinner party only to discover that placenta is top of the menu to controlling her monster crush on local playgroup hottie Cameron, Ally must find her feet in the brave new world of the stay-at-home mum.
I have really enjoyed reading Confessions of a Once Fashionable Mum, probably because I can relate to it in so many ways. From deciding wether to pursue my career or look after my kids to living on a single income and budgeting, to trying to make new mummy friends and attending sex toy parties. This light hearted book made me laugh, remember those endless days at home, and be grateful that I have put away that godawful nappy bag (as cute as it seemed at the time of purchase).

Have you read this book? What did you think about it? 
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