21 April 2015

I'm still around!

Things have been rather quiet around here lately! I wish I could tell you all that I've been working on something new and exciting, but unfortunately that isn't the case. We have had a household full of sicknesses starting from my son, then my daughter, then me, then all 3 of us together! It's save to say that I'm already over all these germs and winter hasn't even started yet. Add onto that housework, work, school holiday catch ups with friends  and Easter and you have one busy mummy on zero energy.

Things are looking up in the health department for us (knock on wood) and school holidays are over so we should be back to our normal activities which means more time for writing, photo taking and researching.

I've also been wearing minimal makeup lately. My skin has become very sensitive as soon as I put makeup on which I can only put down to our sicknesses and have been giving my skin a little break from makeup lately. I can already tell a difference and my skin seems to be glowing that little bit more.

On a happier note, we enjoyed the school holidays a lot! We had lots of playdates with our favourite friends who started school this year, we went to Luna Park and I unleashed my inner child (how much fun is it). We also went to the Golden Ridge Animal Farm because my little boy really wanted to milk a cow. Yes you read right! He must have seen it on one of his tv shows that he likes to watch and was begging us for weeks to milk a cow. Both the kids had an amazing time at the farm and the people running the farm are friendly and helpful and love kids.

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