02 February 2015

Motherhood: How Sleep School Saved My Sanity

I was incredibly blessed when my daughter was born 2 years ago and she started sleeping through the night from 6 weeks young, unlike her older brother who is 4 and still sleeps very badly (but that's another topic). I would put her to bed at 7pm, she would have her dream feed at 10pm and then sleep straight through until about 7.30am. She would only wake up throughout the night if she was sick with a cold which didn't happen that often. Fast forward to May and she got a bit sick with a cold and gastro and was waking hourly. She got better after 2 weeks but her night wakings continued. It got to the point where she didn't know how to self settle herself anymore and would wake up every 1 - 2 hours every single night.

Three whole months of this had everyone in my household on edge. Me, hubby and my son who was a horrible sleeper as it is and his sister screaming every hour didn't help the situation. After whinging to my friends for weeks and a particularly horrible night where I did not sleep a single bit I decided to give Tresilian a call and have a chat with them and get some advice.

I spoke to a wonderful lady on the phone and she sympathised with me. She wasn't judgemental, listened to what I had to say and talked to me about everything we do in our daily routine. She basically told me what I already knew, that little Miss didn't know how to self settle anymore and that she got into a habit of waking so often during the night and asking for all kinds of things in the hope that it would settle her the next time she woke up.

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Before I called Tresilian she would go to bed at 7pm, have her bottle and then whinge and scream for hours until she was finally too tired to continue anymore. Then at midnight on the dot every single night she would start her shenanigans of waking every 1-2 hours asking for milk, her dummy, tissues, dolly, you name it. She was a cranky little girl during the day who wouldn't eat and would just cry most of the day.

It's now been about 2.5 months since my initial phone call to Tresilian and I was told that milk in bed was a big no no. She could have it on the couch before bed, 7pm bedtime and if she asks for anything else, to tell her that she could have it in the morning and that it was bedtime now. I honestly thought that it would be so hard to get her out of her bad routine, but to my surprise it was a lot easier than I thought. The first night I had to go into her room 3 times telling her that there was no milk in bed and that it was time for sleep. She woke 3 times during the night asking for milk but went straight back to sleep when I told her she could have it on the couch in the morning. That morning she slept in until 8.30am and was the happiest she had been in a long time. She still wakes at night asking for her dummy but it is less frequent and usually once or twice a night. She has been so happy in the last few months and so have hubby and I because we actually get a solid block of sleep at night and aren't fighting anymore as to who is more tired. The funny thing is that she now knows that she gets her milk on the couch and as soon as she's finished with it, she takes herself to her bedroom.

The whole point of this post is that you really should seek help if you have a horrible little sleeper. I wish I did it with my son when he was younger, but I was too embarrassed to ask for help because I thought I would be judged as a mum that I couldn't get my kid to sleep. I will definitely be making a phone call to Tresilian again in the next few weeks to get some advice on A's horrible sleep.

Have you had a horrible little sleeper and how did you seek help?

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