24 November 2014

Get your Body Summer Ready

The spring and summer season and well and truly upon us. I couldn't wait to wear skirts, shorts and short sleeve tops, but then I realised that I wasn't ready for this season at all. I'll admit it, I get a little lazy in winter when it comes to shaving,  self tanning and exfoliating.

Here a few products that I've used in the past few weeks to get myself ready for the skirts, singlet and bikini season.

I use my loofer every single day to apply my shower gel with. It helps with dry patches and flakey skin and leaves skin soft after ever single shower. Once a week or fortnight I like to use a body scrub. I've tried a few in the past but the Frank Coffee Scrub seems to do wonders on my skin and makes it seem more glowing.

Hair Care
Everyone has a preference when it comes to removing unwanted hairs and mine is generally shaving, but if I'm going away on a holiday or want to prolong the hair growth then I prefer to wax. I'd either go to a salon or DIY at home. I received this amazing Roll on Kit by Waxaway Aquawaxand am waiting to try it. It comes with 3 attachments suitable for facial hair, bikini line and legs. Another great product for hair removal is the Veet Spray On Hair Removal Cream. I love this product because I don't have to get my hands messy applying it and it comes with a handy applicator to remove the product and hair.

I'm a huge fan of gradual tanners because you can control the depth of the colour and it's taken me some time to find a product that doesn't turn orange after prolonged use, and I found it when I tried the Pure Tan Gradual Tan*. This product is AMAZEBALLS!!!! I won't reveal too much as there is a full review coming soon. Another selling point for me with Pure Tan is that they also have a Gradual Tan for the Face* which is gentle on the skin, doesn't block the pores and doesn't make my face look like an oil sleek.
If I do want an instant tan, then I will reach for the Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam in Light/Medium. It's the only tan on the market that I've tried so far that doesn't leave me looking like a streaked orange. It also has a pleasant smell that isn't overwhelming. My favourite way to apply an instant tan is with my St Tropez Tan Application Mitt. I do think that the mitt makes a huge difference to the finish of the tan.

These are my favourite products to get me ready for summer. Don't forget to always moisturise your skin and wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn and other nasty things such as Melanoma.

What are your favourite beauty rituals to get your body ready for summer?   

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* PR Samples 

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