27 September 2014

Let's Create with Thermomix - Raw Bliss Balls

I have been trying to be really good the last week and a bit and have been staying away from sweets but have had the biggest cravings lately. I decided to give bliss balls a go. Everyone talks about them so it was time to experiment. 

110g Raw Almonds
100g Madjoola Dates (pits removed)
40g Coconut Oil
30g Raw Cacao Powder
15g Chia Seeds
30g Decasinated Coconut (plus extra for rolling)

Place Raw Almonds into tge Thermomix and mill on speed 9, 20 seconds.
Add remaining ingredients and mix on speed 9, 20 seconds.
Roll mixture into bite sized balls and roll in coconut or anything else you may fancy.
You can easily make this without a thermomix by using almond meal and adding all the ingredients in a food processor until it is all well combined.
My kids loved these and have eaten about 3 each. They tell me the "chocolate cake balls" are really delicious. If they think they're delicious than so do I. 

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