12 August 2014

Let's talk about Weightloss - Introducing Kristy

The wonderful Kristy is another one of those people who really inspire me. She started her weighloss journey in May 2013 weighting 117kg. She has now lost a whopping 47kg and is looking hot hot hot. Just like Amy, Kristy has been a wonderful friend and support to myself and many others. Her journey has taken her to places she never thought possible and has been featured in the Michelle Bridges Total Body Transformations book.

What was the catalyst for you wanting to lose weight? 
My health. I had been sick with pneumonia 2 times in 12 months and was very very ill. I needed my health back so i could look after my kids.

Prior to this successful weightloss, how many times have you attempted to get fit and healthy and failed? 
A billion trillion times! Every diet & quick fix you can think of, I've probably tried it!

What keeps you motivated? 
Motivation? I like to call it inspiration! My inspirations keep me going. I am inspired by close friends, by my family and most of all - I strive to be the best version of me possible at all times. People ask "what keeps you inspired" well, this is just a way of life now. Healthy is second nature!

Has your weightloss journey affected your relationship with your partner, friends and family? 
No, infact it has made my relationship with hubby stronger ( hubba hubba ) - friends come and go, but true friends hang no matter what. It sure has weeded out some but has also found me some of the most inspirational fit friends - 

How did you overcome those dreaded cravings? 
I didn't give in but i didn't give up either! I am a true chocoholic through and through. If there was chocolate to be had, it would be in my mouth, my pocket or even my handbag! I made sure i had 2 squares of lindt 70% dark every night with my cup of tea. It took the edge off the craving and satisfied the beast!

Healthy eating is often one of the most challenging parts of losing weight. Did you struggle with the emotional and psychological aspect of changing the way you eat? 
No - not at all. I was very strict with my calories and my mindset was strong.  I set myself goals and by golly I got them!

What was your biggest downfall during this journey? 
My biggest downfall would have been spending far too much money on workout clothes! Everytime something became lose I'd buy more! (in a smaller size but omg I spent some $$!)

What do you eat on a typical day? 
Breakfast - Oats and berries
Morning Tea - Yoghurt or a handful of nuts and seeds 
Lunch - A pre prepared 12wbt meal like Beef Stroganoff,  Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni 
Afternoon Tea - A piece of fruit or some nuts and seeds 
Dinner - Chicken Breast, Baby Spinach and a Salad 
Dessert - 2 squares Lindt 70% Dark Chocolate with a Tea or Coffee 

What are your top 5 tips to others wanting to lose weight? 
1. Organise 1 hour a day for exercise. Make a date with yourself and stick to it. 
2. Make bulk meals and freeze in portion controlled containers so you have a healthy, nutritious choice when you are time poor. 
3. Find a exercise that you like. If you enjoy it, you're more than likely to stick with it. 
4. Make 1 day a week your rest day and stick with it. Your body needs time to recover from the exercise it's now getting. 
5. Set small achievable goals. For instance... I was 117.2 kilos. Saying "I need to lose 50 kilos" seemed daunting. I broke it up to smaller goals. My first was to be under 110 kilos, then under 100, then under 90, then under 80 and so forth, i really found it more realistic.

How did being overweight make you feel in day to day life? 
I was unfit, tired all the time, and unwell. I felt like crap!

How do you feel in day to day life now that you’re healthier and fitter? 
I feel fantastic! Even when i have a case of manflu or sinus i still feel great. Feeling awesome is my new black. 

Weightloss is not only about getting fit and eating healthy but dealing with physiological strain? Do you struggle seeing yourself as a new and improved person or do you still think of yourself as the girl from a year ago? 
I used to struggle. At first, I'd head to the larger section of the shops. Then realise I was in the wrong section. I still sometimes head to the larger section and think ooops! I sometimes look at pictures and say  "Is that really me?" It's still new to me. But I'm getting used to it. 

If you could give one piece of advice to a busy, sleep deprived mum, what would it be? 
Prep your meals. Kids are sanity, sleep and energy zappers! If you can prep your meals then you will always have a healthy choice at hand. Also exercise WITH your kids. There is always something you can do. Put them on or in Prams & bikes and go walking. Let them roam the backyard while you do shuttle runs from your back door to your back fence, have races, play tag, kick a ball. Making them active will also help wear them out for a good night sleep - if you have a newborn, sleep when they sleep. You have to do what you have to do to get by. 

What are some of the exercises that you’ve tried and which ones do you love? My all time favourite is boxing training! Squats, punching the bags, partnering up for pad work, skipping - urgh - love! But i hate pistons!

Thinking back, is there anything you would do differently? 
Absolutely not! Life is bliss - my family is bliss - I am now healthy too!

If you would like to follow Kristy on her journey you can do so by following her on her Facebook Page here or Instagram here.

How absolutely inspirational is Kristy? Do you have anyone that inspires you? Leave me a comment below. 

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