07 July 2014

Let’s Talk About Weightloss - Introducing Amy

Amy is one of those people who well and truly inspire me. She is one of the nicest people I have come across along my journey and is always there to give a helping hand and is ready to listen and give advice whenever you need it. Amy has come such a long way. She started her weightloss journey 15 months ago weighting 165kg and has lost a total of 71.8kg to date. This path has led her to things she never thought possible 15 months ago. She will be a qualified Life and Wellness Coach in 12 weeks. I can’t think of anyone better who could do this job.

Let's get on to the little interview! 

What was the catalyst for you wanting to lose weight?
The reason for losing weight, was because I had suffered a severe miscarriage that consequently kept giving me a ongoing uterus infection.
I was also suffering with blood pressure problems, it would hurt to bend down to pick up toys for my little one, walking up the stairs was hard and getting in and out of the car was really challenging and I was always questioning if I could get a chair or if it would hold my weight. I was 25 at the time, so it wasn't a good lifestyle for me.

Prior to this successful weightloss, how many times have you attempted to get fit and healthy and failed?
I have never attempted to lose weight. I dabbled a bit with eating "better" before I got married but never actually exercised, counted calories, drank 3 litres of water a day. I guess you could say I was in denial about what I looked like and was comfortable knowing I was getting married.

What keeps you motivated? 
I keep myself motivated. Knowing I will never be that size again and how much better I feel. I look at my children and they motivate me to keep going. I also find new challenges keep me focused, fresh and motivated. 

Has your weightloss journey affected your relationship with your partner, friends and family? 
For me, friendships have come and gone through this process, some very emotionally hard to let go of but in a way you have to step back because you are changing daily and your focus has changed and for me, losing people (as hard and sad as it is) they are the people that don't support you, and you can't change and stay the same, so go with the flow, it's ok to let go, this is a whole other chapter of your life.

You need to evaluate who your support and strengths are and who are the people that will unfortunately not give you the love and support YOU need as selfish as it is, in the end you have made this choice to be a better you and some things have to go like everything in life you get over things.
My family are very supportive so much so the children actually workout with me now.

How did you overcome those dreaded cravings? 
For me my cravings where chocolate based, I used to hide chocolate around my house when I was bigger, self sabotaging myself and just having it whenever I felt like it. I find now with good nutrition I don't "crave" as much chocolate as I used to. I also believe it's a chemical reaction in the brain. If I'm sad bored or tired I will get a craving. It happened a lot more to me in the beginning of 12wbt because I got rid of the "comfort food" which was slowly killing me. I now asses what's going on in my life BEFORE I opt for anything, how am I feeling, why am I feeling this way? Do I really want what I'm craving?
I opt for green tea usually, which took a while to get used to or a Jarrah hot chocolate. Warmth always makes me feel more "full". I'll eat a banana or a rice cake and jazz it up with salmon if I'm really needing a "hit".
However it all comes with time. You’re programming yourself, your body and your brain.
Our biggest downfall is letting that little voice say "go on you can have it" because if you listen to it your shooting yourself in the foot. And then you feel guilty for doing it and then completely freak out. So really what's the point in having it if it's going to cause you all that drama.

Healthy eating is often one of the most challenging parts of losing weight. Did you struggle with the emotional and psychological aspect of changing the way you eat? 
Yes I struggled with the psychological side of things but basically I just sucked it up and kept going because no one else was going to do it for me. People would probably be more leaning towards "poor Amy, have a cup of coffee and cake, you'll feel better". No, you see that's rubbish, caffeine and sugary foods make you "feel better" but then it all goes away and the vivacious circle begins again, so just get on with what you have to do. 

What was your biggest downfall during this journey? 
My biggest downfall I suppose it was the start. I realised how much food I USED to eat and programming my body and brain not to eat almost 8 to 10 hours straight was hard because I was always picking at food regardless if it was breakfast lunch or dinner. I was a food addict and instead of 3 meals a day with 2 snacks I'd eat 4 snacks and 6 meals!

What do you eat on a typical day? 
A typical day is 3 meals a day and 2 snacks.
An egg white omelette with veggies or porridge.
I also like to drink a litre of water in the morning to keep me hydrated .
Morning Snack
Green tea with rice cakes
I love mountain bread, so I'll fill it with nutritious food that keeps me going  
Make sure you eat some protein in there too
Afternoon Snack
Green tea / water and I like capsicum or carrot sticks with hummus 
I'm a bit of a curry girl so I'll do a chicken curry or if the kids request anything it’s always thai chicken patties 
Always served with a warm or cold salad

What are your top 5 tips to others wanting to lose weight?
Top 5 tips are
GET RID all your junk food and never go into the chocolate or lolly isle again, it's a no go zone.
DRINK your water
EXERCISE in the morning, it gives you more energy then it's DONE for the day
GOALS - you need these to keep you motivated
Buy something you want in a smaller size and it's doesn't matter how long it takes you to fit into it, the main thing is that IT’S ON.
LET GO - of all that negative things that are holding you back. Just cut the rubbish and be who you want to be and GO GO GO! Stop SELF SABOTAGING NO MORE EXCUSES


How did being overweight make you feel in day to day life? 
Being overweight never made me feel anything other than that. That was who I was at that point in my life, however it's the way society deals with you. I'll always be the curvy, out there person, however I feel like my breathing is so much better, I'm able to play with the kids and not get tired, I'm able to say NO to having a kebab for example followed by a muffin, because I don't need it. I suppose I always felt "empty" like I had to "prove who I was because I was a size 26", because I knew I was bigger then everyone else in my family, so subconsciously I would eat to fill that void of being the black sheep.

How do you feel in day to day life now that you’re healthier and fitter? 
Now that I'm healthier an fitter I don't wear any more make up.
I remember I would cake it on as if to say "my face is on so if my face is on no one will look at my body". 
Eventually I just became sick to death of putting it on. I’m not hiding behind a pile of make up anymore. I’ve worked hard for my body and my brain to work this way.

If you could give one piece of advice to a busy, sleep deprived mum, what would it be? 
To the busy sleep deprived mummy's

I HEAR YOU i have 2 kids myself who are 15 months apart.
My advice, as much as everyone will hate me is to be more organised
Not list making organised
But at home organised
Lunches, dinners and snacks ready. If your kids are early risers like my two are you need to give yourself "me time" before they wake up if you can, so for me that’s at 4.45am and I'm on the cross trainer or I'm walking and then I come home and I'm ready for the morning porridge on the stove, kids have a way of working around you! If you can't do that then try and find a gym with a crèche or train on the days they are at preschool or primary school or when your partner can look after them.
However if they are young I urge you to get them in a stroller and walk with them, show them your working hard and they will grow with you.
Do something fun. Zumba always gets my two bopping. It's never going to be easy with kids. My daughter is a fussy eater but she has exactly what we have and there's nothing better then having 5 hours of sleep followed by a crazy morning, so just relax but take charge. If you want this you will make this work NO MATTER WHAT trust me!!!!!

Thinking back, is there anything you would do differently? 
No I would never do anything differently this is the way it happened and I'm just glad I'm on the earth still being me and learning new things.

As you can see, Amy has come such a long way in 15 months. If you want to keep track of her journey, you can follow her on Instagram

Have you lost weight, gotten fit and healthier? Do you have someone who inspires you? Let me know in the comments below.  

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