07 June 2014

Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil Review

I was never a big fan of filling in my eyebrows only because I always thought it looked a bit fake, hence why I would always ask for an eyebrow tint with my waxing, but in order to save some money on beauty treatments I decided to start using an eyebrow pencils.

I didn't want to spend any money on buying new products so only used a few that I had in my makeup kit but neither of them seemed to work for me. I really like using an eyeshadow to fill mine in but it was a pain getting the eyeshadow and a brush to do it especially on the days when I had to rush out the door or have my two cheeky troublemakers touching everything else in sight.

I walked into Mecca Maxima a few weeks ago and asked for an eyebrow pencils. The sales assistant showed me the Hourglass Arch Brow and I was in love, but at a hefty $48 price tag my heart skipped a beat. I decided to keep searching but nothing was as good as this. So when I did a Sephora order I order this and it is only $32 in the States. I've now been using it for a few weeks and am really liking it.

The reason why I like this product so much is because it gives the eyebrows a really natural finish. I'm not one of those girls who like their eyebrows to be really defined so this beautiful slightly waxy pencil is a winner for me.

It is a twist up, double ended pencil which doesn't require sharpening (tick!) with a spoolie on the other end of the tube (another tick!!) The pencil has a triangular shape that is so simple to use. The wide part is for filling in, and the pointy part is for drawing or lining the shape, extending the eyebrow shape or mimicking fine hairs. The best part is that you can just soften the whole look with the spoolie.

It comes in the signature Hourglass dark metallic bronze tube and actually feels a lot more luxurious than the Hourglass Ambient Lightening Blush.

You can get this in the colours Blonde, Soft Brunette and Dark Brunette. I picked dark brunette simply because the soft brunette seemed to be just a touch too light for me at the moment with my dark hair.

Before & After 

What is your favourite eyebrow pencil? 
 photo Screenshot2014-04-28at51042PM_zps752d102f.png


  1. It looks lovely on you! Nice and natural. I've been using some of the elf brow kits but they definitely give you a bit more a defined brow but as I have a fringe I feel as though I can get away with it! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Thank you :) Yes I completely agree. A defined brow goes really well with a fringe :)


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