04 June 2014

Eyebrow Waxing vs Threading

I've been waxing my eyebrows since I was about 16 but have always wanted to try out threading. Fast forward a few years and my mum had it done and absolutely hated it. I completely forgot that threading existed and found myself a great beautician instead. That didn't last very long as I moved out of the area and she went on maternity leave that she never came back from.

In the last 6 years I've been trying really hard to find a great beautician to make my eyebrows look Wooowwww but they would do a wonderful job once or twice and then stuff up the whole thing. 6 long years I've had to deal with overwaxed eyebrows, wax burn and just not being happy with their shape.

Then I stared to hear about eyebrow threading again in particular from a few friends in Melbourne, but when I asked friends here Sydney if they knew anyone I was just stared down. Then one day, I was walking through my local Westfields and saw a new little shop with a "Coming Soon" sign and it was mainly for eyebrow threading. I was so excited and couldn't wait to try it.

But in the mean time I had to get my eyebrows waxed again and boy was that a disaster. I actually cried in the beauty room because the beautician took so much of the top of one eyebrow. I was devastated! It had taken me about 12 months to grow them and get them looking a little bit ticker and then someone just waxes it all off. The manager walked in and could only offer that we even them out by completely stuffing up the other eyebrow too. It's save to say that I won't be back there again.

4 months on and my eyebrows are starting to look even again so I decided to go and treat myself to some eyebrow threading. I can honestly say that I'm happy! Really happy! Here is a little comparison

Waxing - $12-$22 (at local beauty salons)
Threading - $20

Waxing - 10min +
Threading - 5min

Pain Factor 
Waxing - 8
Threading - 3

Waxing - Sharp
Threading - Natural

Threading my eyebrows honestly took about 5 minutes if that. She did the top of my eyebrows then asked me to close my eye and hold down my eyelashes and pull on my forehead to stretch the lower eyebrow area for easier threading. That part hurt a little bit but nothing compared to waxing.
She then took her little scissors and trimmed the smallest bit of hair and then she got her tweezers and plucked maybe 2-3 little hairs that she didn't manage to get with the thread.
And voila I was done!

It was super quick and the best part was that I could continue shopping without looking read from the waxing and asking for foundation to cover it up. My eyebrows look really natural while still having a great shape and then don't looks so "sharp" from all the waxing and trimming.

I've had this done a week ago and haven't noticed any hairs growing back yet.

I think I've been converted and will definitely go back to threading when I'm due for another visit.

Here are a few pictures too. Left one is when my eyebrows were in it's prime shape on my wedding day. This is tinted and filled in. On the right is a few days ago after my threading experience. They're not tinted or filled in

Have you tried eyebrow threading before and which technique do you prefer to keep your eyebrows tamed? 

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