26 May 2014

A How To Guide to Winged Eyeliner

The winged eyeliner is a hot look right now but is one of those that some struggle with a lot.
I'll be completely honest here, I was hopeless for years doing my own eyeliner. It's taken me a lot of practice and experimenting with different products to work out what works for me.

There are a tonne of tutorials on youtube on how to do it and I've tried about half of them.

I have finally found an easy way that really works for me and I wanted to share it with you all.

I get the perfect winged line if I start of with my MAC Fluidline gel liner and a small angled brush. Mine is the Bdellium 760.

Step 1: 
To do your wing find the curve of your lower lash line and use that as a guide to draw your wing. I always start of with the wing first.

Step 2: 
Once I'm happy with the position of the wing I will then go ahead and close my eye and draw the line across my whole top lash line. I prefer the smaller brush and do smaller strokes. 

Step 3: 
After that I decide how heavy I want my wing. Position the brush at the tip of the wing (or where ever you prefer) and bring the line back down to connect to the lash line. 

Step 4: 
Fill in any gaps and make sure that you're happy with the overall look and fix up any rough edges. 

Step 5: 
Once I'm happy with the look I will either smudge it out to soften the look or go in with a felt tip liquid eyeliner to intensify the eyeliner or simply leave it as it is. 

Step 6: 
Add some mascara and you're done.

Along my journey to find the best way to do the winged eyeliner,  I have come across a few tips that I found useful until I got the hang of my technique.
  • Use a light coloured eye pencil to draw your wing and then trace it with a liquid eyeliner. 
  • Sticky tape! Take a piece of sticky tape and place it on your eye where you want your wing to go. Then grab your eyeliner and start lining.
  • Using small brush strokes works rather than trying to do one continues line.

How do you do your winged eyeliner?

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