30 May 2014

How To Wear Green Eyeshadow Part 1

Green eyeshadow can be daunting sometimes. Not just green eyeshadow but any colour really that's not the usual brown, cream, taupe, brown. Once upon a time I used to love to experiment with colour but then I became a little bit boring (cue Mum) but that's about change. A beautiful friend of mine told me that she wished she knew how to apply makeup so that she can be a little bit more adventures! So you can all thank her for this wonderful idea and I hope you enjoy this little "tutorial"

  • Apply a primer and light coloured eyeshadow all over your lid and highlight the brow bone 
  • Take a transition colour (usually a matt mid brown) and apply that to your crease and outer V and blending it out.
  • Apply the green eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eyelid blending it out towards the centre of the eyelid and blending it together with the transition colour. Apply some the the inner half of the lower lash line. 
  • Take a darker brown colour and apply that to the outer V and blend it really well with the green and transition colour. Add some to the outer lower lash line and blend it in with the green colour. 
  • Use an eyeliner to draw a small wing eyeliner and pop some onto the outer corner of the bottom lash line. 
  • Apply a few coats of mascara. If you want to make this look pop apply some fake eyelashes.

Products used

Primer: Urban Decay 
Eyeshadows: Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette (Strange - all over lid, Limit - transition colour, Darkside - outer V)
Green Eyeshadow: MAC Shimmer Moss  (not sure if Mac makes this anymore)
Eyeliner: MAC Fluidline Gel Eyeliner 
Mascara: Christian Dior New Look

Foundation: Maybelline Liquid Mousse 
Highlighter: Hourglass Ambient Light Powder in Luminous Light
Contour & Blush: Nars Orgasm/Laguna 
Eyebrows: Hourglass Brow Sculpting Pencil 

Gloss: Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfecter in Candy Shimmer

What is your favourite eyeshadow colour other than neutrals? 
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28 May 2014

My Favourite Perfumes of All Time

I don't know about you, but I'm one of those people who can't leave the house without a spritz of perfume. Back in the day I used to be the biggest perfume collector. I used to have about 30 perfumes on rotation at any given time, but as I got older there was always a handful that I would reach for. So I decided to de-clutter and keep 4-6 perfumes that were my all time favourites and that I always re-purchase.

I'm one of those weird people that use scents to relive memories. Does anyone else do that?

Christian Dior J'adore

This is my all time favourite perfume. I've been using this since 2000. That's 14 long years. This is my special occasion perfume but I don't limit it to fancy dinners and nights out. A little goes a long way with J'Adore.

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

I'm not a big lover of Chanel perfumes but this one has very similar notes as the J'Adore one only fresher. I discovered this in Europe a few years ago and it has been another one of those special perfumes. This is one of those fragrances that can be worn both day and night.

Christian Dior Addict 2

I received this perfume from my brother when my son was born and whenever I wear it it takes me back to those beautiful days. This one is near the end and I'm waiting for my parents to go overseas to get it for me. This is another one that can be worn day and night.

Vera Wang Look

This is by far my favourite summer fragrance. It's so beautiful and fresh and perfect for hot summer days. This is my 4th bottle which is at the end but I will wait until summer to repurchase it again.

Other perfumes that I've really liked in the past are Ralph Lauren Romance, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue and Burberry London.

On my wish list at the moment are Vera Wang Sheer Veil and Pierre Balmain Eau d'lvoire.

What are your favourite Perfumes of all time and which ones are on your wish list? 

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26 May 2014

A How To Guide to Winged Eyeliner

The winged eyeliner is a hot look right now but is one of those that some struggle with a lot.
I'll be completely honest here, I was hopeless for years doing my own eyeliner. It's taken me a lot of practice and experimenting with different products to work out what works for me.

There are a tonne of tutorials on youtube on how to do it and I've tried about half of them.

I have finally found an easy way that really works for me and I wanted to share it with you all.

I get the perfect winged line if I start of with my MAC Fluidline gel liner and a small angled brush. Mine is the Bdellium 760.

Step 1: 
To do your wing find the curve of your lower lash line and use that as a guide to draw your wing. I always start of with the wing first.

Step 2: 
Once I'm happy with the position of the wing I will then go ahead and close my eye and draw the line across my whole top lash line. I prefer the smaller brush and do smaller strokes. 

Step 3: 
After that I decide how heavy I want my wing. Position the brush at the tip of the wing (or where ever you prefer) and bring the line back down to connect to the lash line. 

Step 4: 
Fill in any gaps and make sure that you're happy with the overall look and fix up any rough edges. 

Step 5: 
Once I'm happy with the look I will either smudge it out to soften the look or go in with a felt tip liquid eyeliner to intensify the eyeliner or simply leave it as it is. 

Step 6: 
Add some mascara and you're done.

Along my journey to find the best way to do the winged eyeliner,  I have come across a few tips that I found useful until I got the hang of my technique.
  • Use a light coloured eye pencil to draw your wing and then trace it with a liquid eyeliner. 
  • Sticky tape! Take a piece of sticky tape and place it on your eye where you want your wing to go. Then grab your eyeliner and start lining.
  • Using small brush strokes works rather than trying to do one continues line.

How do you do your winged eyeliner?

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23 May 2014

What I use to keep my skin and lips soft

My friends and clients are forever asking me how I keep my hands soft. According to them they feel like baby skin and I always smile because that wasn't always the case.

A bit of a background. I've suffered from extremely dry hands and cracked skin on it and I always had cracked and dry lips.

In 2007 I went to Croatia for a holiday and I was talking to a friend one night about my concerns and she told me to try a product called Melem. I've never heard of it before she mentioned it. I went to the chemist the very next day and bought myself a little pot of this wonderful product. Within days my cracked hands felt softer and less sore and my lips felt a little bit more nourished. I brought another 10 pots of Melem back to Australia.

So what is Melem? Melem is an oil based cream that is made of Vaseline, Lanolin, Besswax, Castor Oil and Paraffin Oil. It can be used all over the body including the mucous mambrane (the skin that lines your mouth and nose). I've used it on my hands, lips, cuts, wax burn, dry patches and nappy rash. Oh it's a wonderful thing on nappy rash. The best part about this product is that it's completely natural and a little goes a long way. I usually scrape out the smallest amount and it covers my hands and lips. According to their website you only need about a rice grain size of product to cover your hands.

I have it in the 35ml and 10ml pot and in stick form because it's perfect for lips. It's in my handbag, my bathroom, my kitchen and my kids rooms.

I've now been using this for 7 years and I can honestly say that I've had a massive improvement in my skin. My hands don't get cracked anymore and are super soft. My lips get flaky and dry in colder weather but they don't crack like they used to. It's changed my life. The unfortunate thing is that you can't buy the original product in australia. You can get it in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Slovenia, USA and Canada. I did discover another Melem product here in australia in a Deli Shop in Liverpool in Sydney's South West. It comes in a yellow pot but has the same name and consistency.

Image Source: www.melem.com

I've tried other products but nothing seems to come close to this. I would love to hear from you if you have a product that has completely changed your life, that you've been using for years and that you keep falling in love with over and over again.

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22 May 2014

The One Where I attempt to bake a cake

My baby boy turned 4 last week and he requested a cake "with colours and lollies" (try interpret that)! I got onto google with him and I finally figured out the the lollies are M & M's and the colours were coloured layers. He wanted a rainbow cake but let's face it, I'm a novice when it comes to baking. My mum is the dessert queen and I usually leave this sort of thing to her, but she put her foot down and told me I had to learn!!! WHATTT!

So I got onto the Recipe Community and started looking for the perfect batter recipe. Those who don't know, the Recipe Community is a site purely dedicated to Thermomix recipes. I decided to use this recipe. I got mixing and did 3 lots. One blue, one red and one yellow as Mr 4 requested. The cake turned out perfectly.

I wanted something different to the standard buttercream icing, so I decided to make a Creme Patisserie to put between the layers and whipped cream to cover the cake.

I'm pretty happy with the outcome and I was told it looked good and tasted great. Perhaps they were feeding my ego but I was happy that Mr 4 was happy and that's all that matters.

I've included the Thermomix recipe and a few links and conversions for none thermomix users


Butter Cake 

165 g raw sugar
125 g butter
2 eggs
5 g vanilla essence (I used extract)
230 g self raising flour
125 g milk

1.    Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees
2.    Grease and line cake tin. Recipe will fill standard 20cm cake tin
3.    Add sugar to the bowl. Mill for 10 – 20 secs speed 6
4.    Add butter and mix on speed 3 for 2 – 3 minutes or until light
5.    Add eggs one at a time until incorporated.
6.    Add remaining ingredients
7.    Mix on speed 6 for 1 minute or until mixture becomes smooth. (I added the colours at the end of this step)
8.    Pour into cake tin and bake in the oven for 45 minutes or until skewer comes out clean
9.    Allow to cool

Creme Patisserie

80 g sugar
50 g plain flour
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
500 g milk

1.    Add sugar and flour in the bowl and blitz on speed 9 for 10 seconds
2.    Add remaining ingredients and cook on 90 degrees for 7 minutes on speed 4
3.    Leave to cool and remove any skin that may form

Whipped Cream 

600 g thickened cream

Please follow the instructions from the Everyday Cookbook

To Assemble

1.     Allow the cake layers and Creme Patisserie to cool.
2.     Use a bread knife level the layers of the cake
3.     Take 1 layer and spread the Creme Patisserie over it to desired thickness
4.     Before you place the second layer use a circle cookie cutter or glass or blow of desired size and make a hole in it. Then place it on top of the first layer.
5.     Add M & M's into the whole
6.     Spread the Creme Patisserie over the top
7.     Place the third layer on top of it
8.     Go around the cake and fill in gaps between the layers with the Creme Patisserie
9.     Grab the whipped cream and start spreading it all over the cake until you're happy with the     consistency and look of it
10.   Decorate as desired


Butter Cake

165 g castor sugar
125 g butter
2 eggs
5 g vanilla essence (I used extract)
230 g self raising flour
125 g milk

1.    Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees
2.    Grease and line cake tin. Recipe will fill standard 20cm cake tin
3.    Cream Sugar and Butter in a bowl with an electric mixer
4.    Add eggs one at a time until incorporated
5.    Add remaining ingredients and mix until you get a smooth mixture
6.    Pour into cake tin and bake in the oven for 45 minutes or until skewer comes out clean
7.    Allow to cool

Creme Patisserie

I wound this version on youtube which seems quite simple to some others that I stumbled across

Whipped Cream

600 g thickened cream

Place the thickened cream in a bowl and mix in with an electric mixer on medium speed until the cream thickens

Do you enjoy baking?

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20 May 2014

Bellabox May 2014

I was quiet excited to open this months Bellabox. The sneak peaks that were posted on facebook looked promising and I wasn't disappointed. 

So here is what I received in my box this month. 

1. Appelles Rosemary Body Bar - Aussie $5.95 for 100g 

I love the packing of this soap. It looks like something you find in an old french hotel. It has certified organic ingredients which is always a bonus but I'm not very keen on the smell. It's very overpowering for my liking but hubby adores it. I guess he'll be using it. 

2. Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Enzyme Exfoliant - Classic $129 for 120ml

I was excited to see this in the box this month. I'm always happy to try a good exfoliator and this one has lactic and salicylic acid so it's perfect for my blemish prone skin. The grains feels really soft compared to some exfoliators. 

3. Boots Laboratories Optivia Aqua - Capture Serum - Cult $24 for 30ml

I've heard some good things about this product and I'm really excited to try this product. The product card doesn't say much about the products expect that it's a sell out serum in the UK. Based on the information that I found on google it's a light skin hydration serum, which is easy to apply and works deep into the skin. The serum strengthens the skin barrier in 2 weeks. 

4. Wen by Chaz Dean Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner - Green $34.99 for 480ml 

I cannot wait to try this conditioner. It's designed to hydrate and replenish hair without stripping it's natural oils. 

5. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel - Colour $39.00 for 7.39g 

I don't think I need to say very much about the Anastasia Brow products. There are so many rave reviews on it. This brow gel is a best selling formula which tames unruly brows without leaving them stiff, flaky or sticky. I was actually going to buy another brow gel but am so glad to have received this. 

6. Bonus product - Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear SPF30+ in medium 

I'm not a big lover of tinted moisturisers but will try this one out. 

Overall I'm really happy with this months box. I wasn't going to continue with the membership but seeing these amazing products I may just have to give it another month. 

What did you think of this months Bellabox? 

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18 May 2014

Maybelline Color Elixir Color Sensational Creamy Lip Lacquer Review

Phewww that's one long name for a lip product!!!

I finally got my hands on this highly talked about lip product a few days ago.

Let's start with the packaging. I'm so impressed with the packaging. It's the size of a lipstick and the lip lacquer sits inside a lipstick shaped tube. This reminds me a little bit of the Dior Addict Fluid Stick. The tear drop shaped wand makes for an easy application.

The colours that I choose are 100 Petal Plush and 025 Mauve Mystique.

Petal Plush is a light pink with shimmer through out. I really liked the colour when I swatched it at the shop but am not entirely sure I like it on my lips. It looks a bit pale but I will need to try and see how it works layered on top of lipsticks.

Petal Plush
Mauve Mystique is a beautiful dusty rose pink. It reminds me a little of the Revlon Berry Haute colour and I think it would be a great match for layering over that lipstick. I quiet like this colour especially for the upcoming winter months.

Mauve Mystique
The pigmentation on both of these is amazing. I didn't think that they would be so pigmented and one swipe gives full colour.

The texture is shiny, smooth and hydrating and doesn't feel sticky like a standard lipgloss. That has completely won me over as I want glossy lips sometimes but absolutely loath lipgloss.

Without Flash L - R: Petal Plush, Mauve Mystique

With Flash L - R: Petal Plush, Mauve Mystique
These also have a very sweet scent which I'm still a little unsure off. I prefer my products to be scentless but this isn't all that bad. It's sweet smelling kind of like a combination of candy and baby powder.

The only downside to it is the longevity. Petal Plush disappeared within an hour on me and the Mauve Mystique lasted about 2 - 3 hours. This is without eating or drinking.

Overall it's a great product. I really like the fact that it's quiet pigmented like a lipstick and so glossy without the stickiness of a lipgloss. I will definitely add a few more colours to my collection over the next few months.

Have you tried the Color Elixir yet? What do you think of it? What is your favourite colour? 

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