23 April 2014

Weekend Outfit #1

I'm heading out to dinner with some girlfriends tonight! I'm excited to see them all and to have a night out without the kids.

Tonight I'm keeping my outfit plain and simple! There is nothing better than a black and white combo!

Pants - Ponte Pants from Sussans. These are so comfortable and so stylish at the same time.

Top - This one is from Target. It was on of those Special Edition releases about 7 months ago.

Shoes - RMK suede wedges. These are so old but still going strong and very comfortable. They don't make the same pair but these are very similar to it.

Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs Lil Ukita. Love this bag to bits.

Jewellery - The Cuff and Earrings  are both from Witchery.

What are you up to tonight?


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