08 April 2014

Bag Heaven

Today I went into Costco to get a few things and of cause as soon as I walked in there was a stand with designer bags and wallets. I had a look at some wallets because mine needs replacing asap. They had some beautiful Michael Kors wallets but the colours were horrible.
As I started to walk away, I caught a glimpse of IT!!!! THE PERFECT BAG!! The one I've been looking for since I stopped using a nappy bag with my daughter back in September. The one that is stylish yet big enough to carry a nappy, baby wipes and 1 or 3 water bottles.
I asked the sales assistant about the price and he told me he was just setting up and was waiting to get all the price tags and he told me to come back in a few minutes. So here I am walking around Costco dreaming of that beautiful bag, dreaming of how amazing it is and how perfect it is for my lifestyle.
So I finished all my shopping and headed back to the counter only to see the price and my heart sinks.
This beautiful bag had a price tag of $996 attached to it and I realised that it's a Salvatore Ferragamo Gina Tote. Why have I not bothered to check the brand before I started daydreaming about it? And why as my husband would say do I have such expensive taste? Oh but it's so perfect but let's face it I'm a mum of 2 and there is no way that I'm spending 1k on a handbag that will carry nappies and water bottles. So I will keep dreaming about this bag while I keep searching for the other perfect bag that is perhaps 1/10th of the price of this Salvatore Ferragamo (unless someone wants to be really kind and gift this to me) - Nope no one... I was afraid of that.

Image courtesy of Google
Image courtesy of Google


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